Student Body

The student body of Archbishop Vining College of Theology, Akure (AVCTA) is a breed of Christian brothers called of God and being trained for effective discharge of their sacerdotal duties and pastoral care responsibilities. We are men of love and peace partnering with God in restoring peace to relationships- men to God and men to men.

Our campus life is a reflection of what we have in the larger society there. Our structure reflects a well-balanced society as God has ordained in civil society. We have the Student Body led by elected executives headed by the President. The student Body coordinates student activities on campus and acts as an intermediary between the students and the management. As men under authority, the executives liaise with the management of the concerns and needs of the student populace and in turn feed the students with the shared concerns, burden, and instructions from the management. The Students’ Body’s administration consists of two arms: the student’s executive Council (SEC) and The Students’ Representative Council (SRC).

There are other structures put in place to promote cordial relationship and a lively environment on the campus. These include The family structure where the General Captain is referred to as the Father of the College and the General monitor as the ‘Mother of the College’. The Church of Vining depicts our religious setting and a comic mimic of what is obtained in the Anglican Communion that we belong to. We also have the traditional setting headed by the ‘Oba of Vining’ with the council of elders for its checks and balances.

Life on the campus is that of brotherhood. We strive daily to keep the unity of the spirit in our relationship with one another as expected of every Christian koinonia. Collectively we carry out our duties without overbearing one another. The focus of this 2020/2021 session is service to one another, ‘…serving one another by love’ – Gal. 5:13.



Student Body

Student body leadership

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Ajayi Ademuyiwa Samson


WhatsApp Image 2020-12-19 at 10.39.43

Faloyin Emmanuel Oladimeji

General Captain


Awotoye Enoch Opeyemi

General Monitor

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Hassan Dauda

Vice President

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Ogunyemi Abiodun Abraham

General Secretary







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