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  • Archbishop Vining College of Theology, Oke-Emeso, Akure, Ondo State
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About Us

Dr. Moses Adebolu Adetunmbi
Rector, Archbishop Vining College of Theology, Akure

Dr. Moses Adebolu Adetunmbi

Rector, Archbishop Vining College of Theology, Akure

About Us

Archbishop Vining College of theology, Oke-Emeso Street, Akure, was established by the Church Missionary Society (CMS) missionaries in 1917 initially as a training centre (Akure Training Centre) for girls to become useful and responsible housewives.

In 1963 it became a centre for training Catechists for the Anglican church and was named Vining Christian Leadership Centre in honour of Archbishop Leslie Gordon Vining, who was the Bishop of Lagos Diocese from 1940-1955 and the first Archbishop of the Province of West Africa (1951-1955).

In 1983, Archbishop Vining College of theology metamorphosed into a full Theological College, training people for the ordained ministry of the Anglican Church. Having been accredited by the NUC, it offers a Diploma in Theology (Dip.Th) and Diploma in Religious Studies (Dip. RS) and B.A (Hons) degrees of the university of ibadan, ibadan. It has gained approval to commence the award of bachelor’s degree in theoloy, full time and summer programs. Archbishop Vining College of theology college continues to provide annual women leadership training for clergy wives and women in leadership (certificate in women leadership and empowerment). The college has also gained approval to commence the award of diploma in ministry and diploma in theology for lay women in our local churches.

Our Vision

To be (Archbishop vinning college of theology) where every soul matters, and developing a college of international status, to deliver relevant, and effective , contextual, spiritual and academic training of clergy and laity to meet the contemporary challenges, in a friendly and healthy environment.

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Our Mission

To be:

    • A theological college of international repute, where every soul matters, and providing holistic training of the Anglican minister in a way that is relevant to the change of the 21st century.
    • Biblically consistent and culturally relevant without compromising the ceux of the gospel.
    • Committed to scripture and careful interpretations under the guidance of the holy spirit.
    • A theological college in the evangelical Anglican tradition where Theology is creatively applied and contextualized.
    • A college that dose mission through holy loving for God and by daily engagement with the world in an attitude and context of mural respect for both staff and students.
  • A daring and bold in taking steps that will honor and edify the church.
  • Dynamic place of training and retraining for the lay and ordained ministries, taking adequate cognizance of contemporary changes and demands.
  • A place where spiritual gifts, talent and natural abilities are identified and encouraged so that they can be channeled towards maximum use to the glory of God and the building of his church
  • Rooted in daily prayers and in genuine community spirit where there is love and friendship, openness, mutual respect and trust and where every soul truly matters.
  • That is we shall be an evangelical, charismatic, Pentecostal, Anglican Communion with African Christian values.